Polyform Buoys

Polyform’s unique manufacturing produces seamless, one-piece buoys of additional strength and longer life. Commercial marine grade vinyl molded under consistent heat control creates even wall thickness, eliminat-ing thick or thin spots that can weaken the entire product.

  • Polyform A Series: The A Series is the industry standard by which other buoys are measured. They are used by more people throughout the world than all other manufactured buoys combined.
  • Polyform LD Series: This patented rib design and unique shape allow buoys to skip along the surface of the water rather than digging in, reducing strain on both gear and crew.


FoamĀ Bullet Buoys

Manufactured from expanded PVC which is resistant to salt water, sun light, oil, gasoline and other chemicals that may be found on commercial fishing vessels, producing an extremely tough, long lasting buoy.

Available sizes include 8″ x 15″ and 9″ x 16″.


Hi-Liner Hi-Fliers

Hi-Liner Hi-Fliers feature Hi-Liner’s unique radar reflectors which have been manufactured for strength and maximum visibility, aluminum poles that allow maximum length when in the water while retaining maximum strength, and Foam Bullet Buoys for maximum floatation.


Hi-Liner Strobe Marker Light

Features photocell activation for automatic day / night switching and an omni-direc-tional bulb that flashes every one or two seconds, with a 4 mile visibility. The Strobe Marker Light operates on two D-Cell batteries with an operating life in excess of 30 nights. Water resistant to 30 meters.


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