Groundfish Fishing Tackle

Hi-liner has been supplying groundfish fishing tackle to anglers for years.  We have a large selection of everything you can expect to find out on the water jigging for Cod, Flounder and even Halibut.  We are proud to carry everything for the old fashioned fisherman to the more modern angler trying out new techniques.

Atlantic Cod

The Atlantic Provinces have a long history and specialized style of fishing for Cod. Which is why we still offer many of the classic wooden hand reels and old fashioned herring jigs along with newer metal spoons and feathers that are used more commonly today.

groundfish flounder fishing tackle


Flounder can be found in many sandy or muddy ares around Nova Scotia. Flounder gear is often comprised of very sharp hooks on rigs or bucktails that have been dressed with a bright florescent yellow or white beads or plastic grubs.


Halibut are often fished in BC with spreader rigs made from heavy monofilament and thick wire that are baited with fresh squid and weighted with heavy weights while being drifted over sandy flats. Much like Flounder Halibut smell there meals which is why we also carry a line of thick gel scents do not float to the surface like many oil based scent products on the market.

Haddock fishing gearHaddock

Cod fishing is essentially the same kind of groundfish fishing tackle that you are going to use when you go fishing for Cod, but with one minor difference. The high-low rigs used in Haddock fishing come with specialized hooks to better hold and present clams. We also recommend using bait elastic with clam to better hold the bait to your hook, preventing it from falling off as the rig drops to the bottom.


Pollock are often caught off of Mackerel Feathers and Jigs during the summer when mackerel make there summer run and it is a little known fact that pollock can be a blast on light tackle lures and grubs and can be found in almost every harbor and beach in the province.


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