Mackerel Fishing Tackle

Mackerel fishing tackle is a staple in the shop as soon as they start running in the early spring until the late fall. As a result we keep a healthy selection of everything you will need for mackerel fishing in Halifax and other parts of the Maritimes. We take pride in our locally made products as well as other popular mackerel fishing tackle you would expect to find.

Due to the ever-changing availability and release of new products it is sometime hard to showcase everything we carry online. If you are looking for a particular lure please make sure to contact us and we’ll make every effort to order it in.

mackerel fishing sabiki rig

Sabiki Rigs

Sabiki Rigs consist of six small, sharp hooks that have been tied with flashy and bright material that is used to attract mackerel to your hooks.

Feather Rigs

Feather Rigs when used for mackerel fishing usually consist of three or six hooks that have been dressed with brightly colored feathers that are used to mimic bait fish.

Metal Spoons / Lead Fish

Metal Spoons and Lead Fish are most often used with feather or sabiki rigs to supply the weight needed to cast. Although they usually come in a number of sizes many people in Halifax tend to use around 3/4oz to 1oz to provide them with the distance needed to reach the schooling mackerel.

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