Frozen Bait

Frozen BaitThe bait is caught by local fisherman and is then promptly delivered to straight to our shop, which is quickly vacuumed packed into packages of two or four whole fish then frozen to maintain it’s freshness.

Our frozen bait is ideal for anyone that uses this technique to fish for striped bass, halibut, flounder and cod to name a few and needs a ready and reliable supply for there fishing trips out. Studies have shown that natural baits like Mackerel and Squid are more recognized by the fish and are more readily accepted. Which is also why many fishermen find it beneficial to pick their bait to match the species that is currently being prayed upon in the water systems at that particular time.

Due to the ever-changing cost of bait, packing materials, and the schedule of the fishing boats please call for pricing and availability. (902) 457-4968

Frozen BaitsFrozen Squid

  • Squid
  • Herring
  • Mackerel
  • Gaspereau
  • Silver Hake
  • Flounder

Availability is dependent on the time of year and the boats landings. At this time bulk orders cannot be accommodated due to lack of refrigeration at our location.



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