Frozen Bait

Frozen BaitThe bait fish is locally sourced near by fisherman and is then promptly delivered straight to our shop, which is then vacuum packed into 2 lb packages of two to six whole fish then frozen to maintain it’s freshness.

Our frozen bait is ideal for that need a ready and reliable fresh supply for there fishing trips. Studies have shown that natural baits are more recognizable by predators and are more readily accepted.

Due to the ever-changing cost of packing materials and availability of bait please call for pricing and availability. (902) 457-4968

Frozen Baits

  • Squid – Commonly used for Cod, squid has proven to successful in catching other species including striped bass.
  • Herring – Prime choice among tuna and striped bass fisherman in the late fall.
  • Mackerel – Probably the popular bait used due today to it’s high catch rates among fisherman targeting numerous species.
  • Gaspereau – Very effective in the spring time for striped bass.

Availability is dependent on the time of year and the boats landings. At this time bulk orders cannot be accommodated due to lack of refrigeration at our location.