Metal Jigs

Metal jigs are made for salt water fishing in deeper part of the ocean where other techniques are less productive. These jigs are usually used in one of two applications. The lighter of the two options are designed to be cast from a surf rod into the water and let sink until it reaches the desired depth then retrieved to imitate a struggling minnow.  This method has been successfully used to catch striped bass or mackerel among other things. The heavier metal jigs are often balanced with the weight on the top of the lure to allow the metal jig to flutter as it falls to the bottom quickly like a dead herring to reach ground fish on the ocean floor. This style of jig is reserved for boat fishing and is often used to catch cod, haddock and halibut.



  • 100% unique Mustad product! Developed with a special injection molding technique. Features Mustads 4,3 Ultrapoint technology, to stay sharp. Minimal water resistance.  Strong hooks to battle against big and strong fish.


  • Eagle Claw’s TroKar Bucktail Jig works great on all types of saltwater fish. Hand-tied with natural bucktail and outfitted with a super-sharp TroKar hook. Fish can’t resist the lifelike head and bulging eyes.

Norwegian Cod Jig

  • A classic cod jig. Its shape and bright surface are particularly attractive. The jig “wanders” in the water when in sinks and attracts fish in a wide circumference around the boat.