Commercial Fishing Clothing

At Hi-Liner we have always been dedicated to supplying our customers with comfortable clothing at reasonable prices. We have everything you need from gloves, coveralls, boot felts to oil gear and everything in between. It’s no joy to be on the water without the proper gear to keep you dry, warm and away from the elements. You can be sure that all of the clothes carried are the very best gear available that provides warmth and durability to the commercial or the recreational fisherman. If you can not find what you are looking for online please contact us so we can order your items in with our next shipment.


Bekina Thermolite Boots

  • The Thermolite® PU boot can handle Arctic temperatures as low as -50°. This thermal insulation champion is therefore very popular with fisheries, cold stores and freezer warehouses. These slip-resistant PU boots are much lighter than rubber or PVC and will fit each foot like a glove. Even in extreme temperatures, the polyurethane always remains supple and flexible.



  • For the first time Warmth, Breathability, and Flexibility have all been combined into a Liquid-Proof glove. Using state-of-the-art technology, the TemRes provides the wearer with protection from liquids in cold conditions while still allowing them the comfort of a breathable glove. The abrasion-resistant polyurethane coating and insulated acrylic liner were specially designed by our engineers to retain warmth while reducing perspiration. The thin, yet durable coating maximizes comfort and flexibility in very cold environments. Nitrile was added to the fingertips to increase protection.

Oil Gear

Grundens USA

  • Grundens manufactures waterproof clothing using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Their products have been continually tested in the toughest laboratory known to man – outdoors, by hardworking men and women, on all major bodies of water around the world, often in extreme high latitude weather.

66 North

  • 66° North Odin Heavy Duty Rain Gear features adjustable braces, reinforcing on legs, Reversible and fabric that is highly resistant to oil and frost.

Climate Technical Gear

  • Climate Technical Gear is Canada’s leading manufacturer of engineered work wear and flotation products for industrial environments. Our focus is on technical, quality manufacturing with a high level of quality control that delivers high quality, technical products.  We have been in Nova Scotia for 30 years; our company name captures who we are, and why we get out of bed every morning.