Squid Jigs

Squid fishing has taken Nova Scotia by storm almost overnight! We pride ourselves on having one of the largest selections of high quality brand name squid baits such as Yamashita and Kawazuri.  High quality squid lures have engineered sink rates, proven colour patterns and subtle details that can make all the difference in the world on slow nights.

Squid-X Jigs

  •  Squid-X jigs are designed with advanced squid luring and catching features resulting in superior fishing performance. Wetsuit Body technology retains heat to attract squid and entice them to strike.

Kawazuri Jigs

  •  Our products have been designed locally, research and testing that has been done in the Atlantic to maximize squid catching capabilities! Features like super sharp hooks and luminous bodies that frenzy squid in low light situations.

Yamashita EGI Jigs

  • Yamashita EGI Jigs feature a slick design that has been engineered to cut through the water in a darting action like an actual baitfish attempting to flee a predator. Its hardware has been reinforced to increase its durability and its ultra fine hooks allow for a better hook set. The most productive colour will vary depending on the time of the season and water conditions, so it is recommended to have an assortment of sizes and colours in your tackle box.