HI-LINER maintains materials testing laboratories at our office in Halifax. Nova Scotia. This facility boast specialized equipment designed and manufactured to provide improved product support and calibration. Our materials testing capability has consistently provided accurate ground-truth strength and diameter test comparisons. Analytical testing and technical innovation contributes to the evolution of our fishing gears and confirms MOMOI’s claim as, The #1 Monofilament in the World.

hiliner servicesWe are pleased to offer the following services:

  • MATERIALS TESTING: Sophisticated analysis of all monofilament specifications is available through our laboratories. Our list of tests includes precision verification of line diameter and statistical treatments, elongation and compression line performance and tensile strength trials. Repeated testing of each sample received provides a clear understanding of a line’s performance and its limitations. Our ability in the laboratory combined with our field experience in the use of different fishing monofilaments has produced several innovative laboratory tests. The compression of time and reproduction of actual fishing conditions frequently offers a better gauge of the suitability of specific fishing lines. These laboratories have done more to dispel doubts, settle some bets and produce believers than any product show attended or tournament won. Send us your Line for a direct comparison against the finest selection of monofilaments manufactured, MOMOI.
  • MOMOI CRIMP TOOL ADJUSTMENT and CALIBRATION: The adjustment of a Bench Crimp Tool of any type is tricky business. Traditionally, the purchase of a crimp tool, installation of the compression dies and strength testing has been either an act of faith, or trial and error. Under or over compression of any sleeve results in lost fish and higher blood pressure. Done properly, sleeves represent the cleanest and most efficient forms of attachment for larger diameter monofilaments. Calibration of a new tool or adjustments to existing bench crimpers is performed at the HI-LINER labs. Expert installation and precision equipment verification ensure accurate crimping from the first sleeve.


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