Squid Jigs

Squid are a relatively new thing for Nova Scotia and each year we are learning more and more about the habits of these squid. During their breeding season they tend to be every aggressive and will attack lures, bait fish and even other squid without hesitation. When they are at this stage we have found that using our economy line of squid jigs work well, but sometimes squid can be reluctant to take flashy baits and you need to resort to a higher quality jig such as the Yamashita EGI Jigs that tempt the squid into feeding when other lures and jigs fall short.

Squid-X Jigs

13567043_1223151337696058_5138612692884910902_nGo Ahead… Release the Kraken…

Squid-X is a Nova Scotia based company located close to the squid fishing grounds off Halifax.

Squid-X jigs are designed with advanced squid luring and catching features resulting in superior fishing performance. Wetsuit Body technology retains heat to attract squid and entice them to strike.

Our products have been designed locally, research and testing that has been done in the Atlantic to maximize squid catching capabilities! Features like super sharp blackened hooks for stealthness and luminous bodies that frenzy squid in low light situations.

Kawazuri Jigs

14068248_1252451061432752_7434217708794971604_nIntroducing KAWAZURI™ the new line of Japanese-style Squid Jigs from the same company that brought us Squid-X.
Glow Body
Japanese Fabric Skin
Plated Weight
Super Sharp Stainless Hooks
Glow Accents
Engineered Sink Rates

Yamashita EGI Jigs

yamashita egi jigs

Yamashita EGI Jigs feature a slick design that has been engineered to cut through the water in a darting action like an actual baitfish attempting to flee a predator. Its hardware has been reinforced to increase its durability and its ultra fine hooks allow for a

yamashita better hook set. The most productive color will vary depending on the time of the season and water conditions, so it is recommended to have an assortment of sizes and colors in your tackle box.

Economy Squid Jigs

squid jigs

Our economic line of squid jigs is a great starting place for people just getting into squid fishing for the first time. With a large selection of LED flashing, rattling and glowing jigs that you’ll be sure to find the perfect lure.

Traditional Newfoundland Squid Jigs

Used faithfully for years by squid fisherman in Newfoundland these traditional squid jigs still used successfully on rod and reel. The rings located on the bottom and top of the jig allow the fisherman to daisy chain them together so more than one jig can be fished at a time.


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