Bluefin Tuna Fishing Gear

Bluefin Tuna fishing is one of the most sought after tuna in Atlantic Canada. Drop in and get outfitted for commercial or tournament fishing. We offer everything you need, from Cortland Dacron to Stand up fighting harnesses.

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Kites are a great way to provide a natural bait presentation and cover a larger section of water that would otherwise be impossible. They allow the captian to fish more hooks and keep the bait on the surface.

Captain Bob Lewis Kites:While kite fishing is a centuries old method of fishing, dating back to ancient Egypt, it was Capt. Bob Lewis who perfected this very successful way to catch all kinds of fish, and then made it available to everyday fisherman. Available in Extra-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra-Heavy, and Category 5 Hurricane for various wind speeds.

SFE Kite: Engineered to preform in wind velocities of 5mph to 25mph. The design allows the angler to adjust his kite without time consuming spar or kite change. It is constructed from the finest non-corrosive materials, and built with a close degree of tolerance. Note: Kite Must be kept dry and free from salt deposits before launching to keep it from spinning.

Trolling Gear

Trolling gear allows you to cover large amounts of water while searching for big eye and Bluefin tuna. Many of these methods employ the use of spreader bars, daisy chains or single lures, all of which we carry here in shop. Trolling gear has been used to catch tuna around the Maritimes successfully for many years. The most commonly used trolling lure is the spreader bar that represents a school of squid moving along the surface of the water. We have been making bars for years and have a large selection of colors to choose from.