Hi-Liner Monofilament Line

Hi-Liner Super-Soft Monofilament

Now available in 1.80mm and 2.05mm diameters! Our line is the result of years of development and experimentation and represents a com-posite of the best features of all commercial monofilaments available – at a most competitive price. HI-LINER’S monofilament is produced under the same exacting specifications as MOMOI. This line is quickly becoming the standard of all major long-line fleets. This leader line possesses low memory, high tensile and knot strength and higher abrasion resistance than any other commercial line. This monofilament is ideal for vessels fishing from hook boxes and offers consistently high cost benefits. HI-LINER Super-Soft Monofilament is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Light Blue, Clear White, Smoke Blue.

Hi-Liner Main-line

Now available in 3.0mm, 3.20mm, 3.50mm and 4.0mm diameters! The highest tensile strength main-line on the market today! MOMOI quality extrusion has engineered a main-line of consistent diame-ter, maximum strength and abrasion qualities at a competitive price. The manufacture of higher strength, low diameter main-lines pro-duces larger reel capacities so that more gear can be fished without increasing spool sizes. The unique Fluorescent White color improves hauling visibility and identifies our main-line with the “right feel”. Available in
50lbs and 5 nautical mile spools.