LED Lights for Crab Fishing – L/P Electralume Light

Lindgren Pitman Electralume Light – Crab Fishing


The Electralume has emerged as the next generation of fishing lights. LED lamination means the Electralume doesn’t fade overnight like chemical lights. With a battery life up to 500 hours and tested in over 2000 feet the Electralume offers a consistent high intensity illumination that outperforms chemical light sticks. The Electralume lasts longer and penetrates deeper into the water to catch more fish.
Electralumes are proven effective for swordfish, crab, halibut, squid and other species that are attracted to light. The Electralume comes in a variety of colors including Green, Blue, Aqua, Purple, Red, and White. LP also offers multi coloured Electralumes and a full spectrum version that flashes every color in the fish attracting spectrum.

Electralumes have become the weapon of choice for swordfisherman throughout the world. You can’t find a boat that catches swordfish without an electralume powering up their spread. While there are many different options on which colour works best, you can’t go wrong trying ’em all.

Snow Crab

Recently new research done on increasing catchability in the Atlantic Canadian Crab fishery has yelled interesting results by using LED lights to attract snow crab to baited conical mesh traps. The study found that by “adding a low powered white LED light produced a 77 per cent increase in CPUE” which resulted in less trips needed and boat expenses dramatically decreased. To read the fill article click here.

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