Lindgren-Pitman Monofilament

Prime Line Leader Line Monofilament

This line is manufactured using Lindgren-Pitman exclusive process to assure the finest commercial fishing monofilament lines possible. Standard colors include clear, light blue, smoke blue, dark blue, pink, green, red, black, and gun metal.

L/P PRIMELINE Monofilament Leader Line

Diameter Test Fathoms / pound
1.8mm 300 lbs 88
1.9mm 350 lbs 80
2.0mm 400 lbs 71
2.1mm 450 lbs 65
2.3mm 500 lbs 54
2.5mm 550 lbs 45


Prime Line Main Line Monofilament

Lindgren-Pitman monofilament

Main Line is produced using the same advanced technology used to manufacture Prime Line Leader Line Monofilament resulting in a commercial main line that has a smaller diameter while offering superior tensile and knot strength and abrasion resistance. Available in clear, light blue, dark blue, and gun metal colors.

L/P PRIMELINE Monofilament Main Line

Diameter Test Pound / Nautical Mile
3.0mm 700 34
3.2mm 800 38
3.5mm 900 43
3.6mm 1000 46
4.0mm 1200 56