Rope and Gangions

Ashaway Braided Tuna Line


Construction features a nine carrier braid of high tenacity Dupont multifilament nylon coated with Ashaway’s exclusive nylon resin coating. This combination of materials produces a stiff, yet supple feel making it an ideal gangion material for halibut and cod trawl. The exclusive nylon coating provides excellent abrasion resistance and minimizes retention of fish smell in multiple applications. Very popular gangion material with East Coast fisherman and a favorite with West Coast tuna trollers. Dollar for dollar -the best gangion line money can buy!

Code Diameter Rate Strength

Code Diameter Actual Tensile  Yield
9SC-8R 2.13mm 150 lbs 241 yrd
9SC-11R 2.54mm 200 lbs 137 yrd
9SC-16R 2.79mm 300 lbs 104 yrd
9SC-22R 3.51mm 400 lbs 61 yrd


Brownell Braided Gangion

Brownell Gangion

Our braided halibut and cod gangion is known worldwide for quality. This twine offers a unique construction that resists twisting and tangling. The product is engineered not to unravel when cut and is treated with our specially formulated bonding agent to provide stiffness to resist excellent resistance to abrasion.

Code Actual Tensile  Yield
#750 199 lb. 768
#550 270 lb. 534
#420 322 lb. 399
#325 389 lb. 323
#280 520 lb. 239