Ranging from Clam Rakes to Crimping Pliers we carry a selection of different tools you will require to get the job properly and with no head aches and no equipment failure caused by improper technique or equipment.

Crimping Tools

Hande Crimping Tool - ToolsCrimping tools are a reliable and fast way to join two pieces of monofilament together. It is best to use a good quality crimping tools along with properly sized crimps of either aluminum or copper. When crimping is done without calibrated crimping tools the mono inside the crimp can be parted and ultimately case the crimp to fail, this is why we always recommend the proper crimp and tool to achieve the strongest connection on your terminal tackle. Crimping equipment comes in three different styles. The smaller hand held crimper that are well suited to crimping sleeves that are made to fit 200lb line and below, the larger hand crimper that are used to crimp sleeves that are made to fit 200lbs line and above and the bench crimper that is well suited for making commercial trawl.