Terminal Tackle

Terminal Tackle refers to the gear that is attached at the end of your fishing line and is the first thing the fish sees. Providing quality and hard to find terminal tackle that is often overlooked remains to be a source pride for us.

Crimps & Sleeves

momoi crimps - Terminal Tackle

Crimps and Sleeves are specialty designed to tightly and securely bind two pieces of monofilament or wire together. Crimps and Sleeves can be purchased to fit monofilament from 16lbs to 1000lbs break strength.


Made from tempered steel modern hooks are the first piece of terminal tackle between you are the fish. For this reason we carry a large assortment of saltwater grade fishing hooks including Mustad, Eagle Claw and Gamakatsu in various sizes and styles to better complement your style of fishing.

Catch Hooks

Delivering Excellence
CATCH™-collection is developed and produced in modern facilities. Tested under rough conditions to endure any challenge. Since production started in 2009, the CATCH™-hooks have shown superiour quality. Fishermen worldwide now prefer Mørenot Dyrkorn’s CATCH™ hooks.
Available in 12/0, 14/0, 15/0 & 16/0 size.

Hi-Liner Modified Tuna Circle Hook

Modified Black Tuna Circle Hook with improved black corrosion resistant finish. Improved design for all tuna directed fisheries with strengthened carbon steel construction. Black “Dacro” finish fights corrosion longer than any other commercially available finish.
Tapered eye, offset shaft make this hook ideal for long-line baiting and presentation. Available in 16/0 & 18/0 size.


Fair too often the right rigging materials can mean the difference between going home empty handed and catching the big one. We carry everything from bait elastic to kite release clips and everything in between that you’ll need to properly rig your bait for maximum efficiency.

Swivels & Snaps

Not only are swivels a useful tool to use to connect leaders to your fishing line, they also prevent “line twist” that cause knots in your reel while fishing making swivels and snaps an essential tool in almost every style of fishing. Swivels can be purchased in a number of styles and should be considered every time you hit the water.